Four WOMEN. One microphone. Celebrating girl power one story at a time.

Heroine Addicts is a podcast that puts women (including trans-women and those who identify as female) and their stories centre stage, produced and co-hosted by Louise Bastock, Miztli Rose Neville, Emma Pritchard and Alice Robinson. 

Every episode celebrates a new heroine, whether it’s huge achievements, one-of-a-kind narratives, the people we wanted to be when we grew up, superstars and scientists, slayers and sportswomen, fictional and historic, past and present. 

The podcast was inspired by our growing realisation that women, their voices and their stories, have been left out the history books for centuries as well as our desire to talk about, engage with and learn from women doing brilliant things today, right here and now.

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We hope you enjoy it, do get in touch if you want to hear more, send any heroine ideas our way, and thank you for listening!